Council Members

Angela Mosley Monts, President


John L Colbert, Vice President

Sandra Walton, Secretary

Scotty Thurman, Asst. Secretary

Cephus Richard III, Treasurer

Dr. Calvin White, Parliamentarian


Thomas "Tony" Waller, Awards and Banquet Chair


Kyani S. Alford, Students Volunteer Chair


Peggy Boyles, Sponsorship Co-Chair


Rashad Delph, Print Communications Chair


Sarah Campbell Draine, Bentonville Community Co-Chair


D’Andre Jones, Compassion Fayetteville, Chair

Beverly Keown, Publicity Chair


Kimberly McGee, NWA Community Co-Chair


Reynelda Augustine-Robinson, Scholarship Chair


Darryl Spinks, Technology Co-Chair (Member at Large)


Scott Varady, Banquet Logistics Chair


Dr. Danielle L. Wood, Sponsorship Chair


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Northwest Arkansas MLK Council

PO Box 3453
Fayetteville, AR 72702